Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The "B"s Of Success!

Developing these "B" characteristics will help you become more successful.
  • "B" ready - Vans should be well-stocked with everything you need to work and with all the products you want to sell.

  • "B" punctual - People are busy and appreciate promptness. Have the courtesy to call if you are running late and offer them the opportunity to reschedule.

  • "B" professional looking - When making a sales call or estimate, wear proper business attire or a uniform. Carry a clipboard, briefcase or some type of folder to hold business cards and advertising material.
    Carpet Cleaning by Bane-Clene

  • "B" uniformed - All service personal should wear fresh uniforms  and clean shoes when working. Shoe Booties should be worn in a customers' home or office.

  • "B" knowledgeable - Be able to converse about your Company, the products and services you offer. Knowledge is power and will set you apart from your competition. Spot and Stain Removal is often a concern for a customer. Be well versed by referring to the Bane-Clene® Spot and Stain Guide.

  • "B" fair - Treat all customers, regardless of status, influence or size of the job equally. Service should be priced fairly at all times.

  • "B" flexible - Cleaning arrangements and maintenance programs at times have to be adjusted based upon a customers' need.

  • "B" polite - Always be courteous to the customer, even in stressful situations. Use tactful reserve in conversations. The customer is always right.

  • "B" friendly - If you smile and you are friendly, you will most likely put your customer in a like mood. This will make them more receptive to your plus sales efforts for Carpet Protectors, Deodorizers, etc.

  • "B" positive - If you do not believe in what you are selling, why should the customer? Never say anything derogatory. Even without voicing negative comments, a poor attitude can usually be sensed by the customer.

  • "B" sincere - Sincerity is the most important characteristic of a successful Company. Be straightforward and honest. Do NOT promise more than your Company can deliver.