Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Customer Relations

Some thoughts and comments regarding Customer Relations.

Your employees and or yourself are an invited "guest" into your customers' home or office. Recently a team member of the Bane-Clene® staff had a window replaced in their own home. The technicians that came were courteous, wore shoe booties and overall respected their home. However, one of the technicians remarked about the home and some of the furnishings. While this may seem as a compliment, by some it can be considered unsettling.

These are some of the standard procedures when the Wm. F. Bane Co. is on location:

  1. Conversations should be limited to the services that are being performed.
  2. Technicians should explain what they will do and answer questions pertaining to those services.
  3. Try to avoid conversations regarding politics, religion or other such topics. An answer that contradicts your customers' opinion can lead to an uncomfortable situation.
  4. Do NOT discuss your personal life.
  5. Avoid using the restroom.
  6. Politely decline any offer for food or refreshments. If you have time to sit and partake of such, the customer may think they are paying for the time you are sitting? Even though they offered.
  7. Put your cell phone in the vibrate mode or better yet, leave it in the truck. If you are answering calls while working in a customers' location, they will feel as though they are not your primary focus. Besides that it is rude and inconsiderate.

The ability to converse with your customers in a professional and business like manner while focusing on the task at hand is an EXTREMELY important attribute.

Good Cleaning!

The Bane-Clene® Team