Friday, March 25, 2016

TLS 2000® Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter

TLS® 2000 prespray degreaser is an extremely strong, highly concentrated liquid formulation. This heavy-duty traffic lane spotter contains grease emulsifiers and saponifiers, wetting agents, water softeners and grease-dissolving solvents.

The amount of TLS 2000 over other pre-sprays needed was cut at least in half. Results were better, liquification of grease occurred faster and carpets were cleaner and brighter.

These results were obtained even though TLS 2000 contains NO Butyl Cellosolve , enzymes, free caustic or chlorinated solvents. All of which could cause allergy and toxicity, as well as waste water disposal and pollution problems.

TLS 2000 is environmentally safe and is one of the many "green" products Bane-Clene® offers.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

We're All In This Together!

From the fiber producer to the end user, the carpet industry is composed of many different segments.

The fiber producers continue to improve the soil hiding and stain resistance for their fibers. Warranties against crushing, matting, stains, soil, wear and static are standard.

Most carpet mills with input from equipment and chemical manufactures have designed maintenance brochures for their customers. Bane-Clene® has developed a "Residential Carpet Care" brochure (Item No. 40021). Mills know that a large percentage of their claims are a result of improper maintenance or lack of it.

Retailers understand that today's cleaning technology will enhance the beauty and prolong the life of carpet. The longer a carpet performs, the better the chance of a repeat customer.

Through continued education and training, like that offered at The Bane-Clene® Institute and others, carpet cleaners continue to provide high quality cleaning services. This helps carpeting perform better and last longer.

Truly we are "All In This Together".

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Mystery Spots

Many medicines such as acne preparations and pet products contain a chemical compound called Benzoyl Peroxide, a strong oxidizing bleach. NOTE: Some tooth pastes also contain peroxide!

It acts as a "bleach" in an ointment base and attacks dyes in fabrics, often leaving a yellowish to whitish spot. Often, they do not appear until after cleaning because the ointment base as been removed in the cleaning process and the peroxide has been activated. Although insoluble in water, they are not extremely difficult to remove.

If the medicine is known to be present, but discoloration hasn't yet started, scrape up the medication, blot with Saf-T-Solv™ and treat with an anti-chlor bleach neutralizer such as Red Relief® or ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer following label directions. Leave the bleach neutralizer on the area at least 15 minutes to neutralize the benzoyl peroxide and thoroughly extract.

If discoloration has started, blot first with COLD household ammonia. Then spot the ointment with Saf-T-Solv™. After that, thoroughly clean and rinse out the spotters with your normal cleaning process.

Spot dye where necessary with the CMC Carpet Color Repair Set.

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Friday, March 04, 2016

Understanding the Nature of Soil and Dirt.

In order Bane-Clene® Systems to fully understand how extraction cleaning works, it is necessary to understand what it is you're trying to remove: SOIL.

Soil can be defined as an unwanted substance which detracts from the like-new appearance of a surface.

The purpose of cleaning carpet is to restore this new appearance and also to prolong the life of the carpet.

Soil falls broadly into five major groupings: surface litter, dry dust, grit, wet soils and oily soils.

Surface litter is easily removed. The other soils react differently with the carpeting. Gritty soil (like sand and other abrasives) will get deeply imbedded into the carpet, where they will grind away the life of the fibers. Dust left unattended attract oily soils. Wet soils (spills, stains and mud) change chemically with time to make their removal difficult. Oily soils (like cooking oils, gum, tar, etc.) attract more dust and grit. Bane-Clene® Systems consist of just the right combination of water pressure, water temperature, chemical energy and technique to provide the optimum cleaning of all these types of soil without any harm to the carpet fibers.

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