Friday, March 25, 2016

TLS 2000® Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter

TLS® 2000 prespray degreaser is an extremely strong, highly concentrated liquid formulation. This heavy-duty traffic lane spotter contains grease emulsifiers and saponifiers, wetting agents, water softeners and grease-dissolving solvents.

The amount of TLS 2000 over other pre-sprays needed was cut at least in half. Results were better, liquification of grease occurred faster and carpets were cleaner and brighter.

These results were obtained even though TLS 2000 contains NO Butyl Cellosolve , enzymes, free caustic or chlorinated solvents. All of which could cause allergy and toxicity, as well as waste water disposal and pollution problems.

TLS 2000 is environmentally safe and is one of the many "green" products Bane-Clene® offers.

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