Friday, April 01, 2016



Today is commonly known as April Fools Day. But, at Bane-Clene®, it has a much different and important meaning. We celebrate the birthday of Elizabeth Bane's father.

James (Jimmie) Crossey was born in Ireland on April 1st, 1898. He immigrated through Ellis Island in 1916. He eventually settled in Philadelphia, PA where he married and raised his family.

When Bane-Clene Corp® was searching for a logo in 1969, we chose a leprechaun because of our partial Irish heritage.

In 1972, Jimmie's beloved wife passed away and he came to live with the Bane's in Indianapolis.

In 1976, Jimmie made his debut as our real live leprechaun in his full authentic attire at our national convention. He was a fixture at subsequent meetings until he passed away in 1986.

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