Friday, April 08, 2016

Get 'Em Dry!

There are several reasons that Bane-Clene Systems get carpets so dry:

1. Cleaning Agents, Pre-Sprays and Spotters

  • Specifically designed for the system. They were developed and are used in our own service company. They are safe, effective and economical.
  • These are Bane-Clene's own proprietary brands and patented formulas. They are updated and monitored by our In-House chemist.

2. Temperature, Pressure and Recovery

  • Optimum water pressure is set to safely and efficiently loosen soil and ground in dirt. The cleaning solution is delivered at a temperature hot enough to remove stains but yet safe for all fibers.
  • Positive displacement Vacuum System recovers dirty water, leaving the carpets 95% + residue free and virtually dry.

3. Operator Techniques

  • Proper technique is taught so that carpets are not over wet and are left slightly damp to the touch with minimal drying time. This is achieved by a philosophy of 2 dry vacuum strokes for every "wet" stroke. This facilitates drying time and the importance of leaving carpets virtually residue free.

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