Friday, April 22, 2016


Phase I™ and Phase II™ represent a generation of dual action odor control concentrates. Both have the unique ability to deodorize as well as remove the source of bad odors.

Offensive odors are not masked by Phase I and Phase II. Rather, by a complex chemical reaction, odors are treated chemically and neutralized. Then a germicide combines with the carpet to retard the source of the odor. This wintergreen-scented dual system is regarded as one of the best available in the carpet cleaning industry today.

Phase I is mixed directly with the cleaning solution, normally one ounce per gallon of water. Phase II is ready to use and is sprayed directly on the carpet, injected into the backing and pad, or atomized into the air or under the carpets for tough deodorizing jobs involving smoke, mildew, animal odors and rancid odors.

As with all Bane-Clene® products, Phase I and Phase II contain no Butyl Cellosolve, phenolics, Formaldehyde, harsh chemicals or toxic material.

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