Friday, March 11, 2016

Mystery Spots

Many medicines such as acne preparations and pet products contain a chemical compound called Benzoyl Peroxide, a strong oxidizing bleach. NOTE: Some tooth pastes also contain peroxide!

It acts as a "bleach" in an ointment base and attacks dyes in fabrics, often leaving a yellowish to whitish spot. Often, they do not appear until after cleaning because the ointment base as been removed in the cleaning process and the peroxide has been activated. Although insoluble in water, they are not extremely difficult to remove.

If the medicine is known to be present, but discoloration hasn't yet started, scrape up the medication, blot with Saf-T-Solv™ and treat with an anti-chlor bleach neutralizer such as Red Relief® or ChlorX Bleach Neutralizer following label directions. Leave the bleach neutralizer on the area at least 15 minutes to neutralize the benzoyl peroxide and thoroughly extract.

If discoloration has started, blot first with COLD household ammonia. Then spot the ointment with Saf-T-Solv™. After that, thoroughly clean and rinse out the spotters with your normal cleaning process.

Spot dye where necessary with the CMC Carpet Color Repair Set.

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