Friday, March 18, 2016

We're All In This Together!

From the fiber producer to the end user, the carpet industry is composed of many different segments.

The fiber producers continue to improve the soil hiding and stain resistance for their fibers. Warranties against crushing, matting, stains, soil, wear and static are standard.

Most carpet mills with input from equipment and chemical manufactures have designed maintenance brochures for their customers. Bane-Clene® has developed a "Residential Carpet Care" brochure (Item No. 40021). Mills know that a large percentage of their claims are a result of improper maintenance or lack of it.

Retailers understand that today's cleaning technology will enhance the beauty and prolong the life of carpet. The longer a carpet performs, the better the chance of a repeat customer.

Through continued education and training, like that offered at The Bane-Clene® Institute and others, carpet cleaners continue to provide high quality cleaning services. This helps carpeting perform better and last longer.

Truly we are "All In This Together".

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