Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Advertising is the most difficult and expensive part of any business. More times than not, an owner who writes ad copy is totally shocked by the lack of response from an ad he or she thought was fantastic.

We recognized this problem early in our business and engaged outside advertising and marketing counsel to help us find out just what are the ingredients in an effective advertising campaign.

Marketing is a learning experience and the learning NEVER ends. Changing environments and consumer attitudes are constantly altering the campaign. When we first started direct mail and print media were the most effective in reaching our market. TV and radio can be effective in a smaller market that can be "dominated" with a modest budget. However, the larger the market the larger the budget and the cost can overwhelm a campaign. While we have not abandoned direct mail and print media (Yellow Pages), we now spend less in those media. We still use direct mail to send a "Reminder Postcard" to existing Bane-Clene® customers. Yellow Pages (print) is now augmented by Internet advertising, through them and others.

Obviously, Internet advertising is the "now" way to reach consumers at this time. The proliferation of Facebook, Pinterest and other Social Media platforms are giving consumers an avenue for looking for Carpet Cleaning Services. Also, Angie's List is a highly respected source for consumers to seek a myriad of companies.

Social Media can make you or break you. Be constantly vigilant and protective of your On Line reputation.

Good advertising will not help you if your service is not good.

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