Friday, November 18, 2016

Watch What And How You Say It!

Customers are concerned about the process and the chemicals that are used in their home or office. We must presume that people may not know how they work and what they are formulated to do.

Therefore, if carpets need pre-treating for let's say gum or tar you talk about Saf-T-Solv™, not solvent. The connotation of a solvent might make them think their carpet will dissolve. How about the need for Brown-Out® - in that case you don't say acid. Brown Out is a mild, complex neutralizer. But to most consumers, acid might mean fumes and burns.

Many carpet cleaners talk to their customers about providing a "quality" service. But....what kind of quality? Quality is a noun and needs an adjective to fully describe it. Are we talking high quality, low quality or perhaps no quality?

If you have been hired by a carpet mill, retailer or a company that provides warranties, be extremely cautious in what you say. If their customer has made up their mind that they want the carpet or furniture replaced; then the wrong words from you may embolden their position. They may rephrase the same basic question to you until they get the answer they seek. Or, they may take what you say out of context. You must be polite, but once again be careful what you say.

A basic rule to remember is simply the least said at a customer's premises, the better.

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