Friday, December 16, 2016

Justifying Your Price

Being in the service business for more than 5 decades has given us some insight into pricing methods. This topic is discussed in our 3 Day Management School. Inevitably, someone in class says that the section of the country in which they live cannot support a higher-end pricing method. Certainly, you cannot charge the same in a large market as you can in a small market. Your price can be relevant with the cost of living and other factors built into your market.

You must be able to justify your price to your customer. In order to do this, you must first be able to justify your price to yourself. Do you consider yourself a full time professional or do you do this as a part time job?

If you were to walk out to your truck right now, would you be proud of it? Has the truck been washed lately? Are there remnants of last week's lunch or enough trash to warrant a trip to a dumpster? How about your equipment? Think of the professionals that have to clean and maintain their equipment everyday or it won't work the next. Fortunately, our equipment is not that demanding, a weekly routine maintenance will keep it running at top efficiency.

How about the most important element of the business, the technician. Is their uniform neat and clean? If you don't wear uniforms, do you at least dress in appropriate attire? When you look at yourself or your technician, would you let that person into your home or office?

You and your technicians should be knowledgeable and up to date on cleaning and spotting techniques. You should have a general knowledge of the different types of fibers and their particular aspects. Do you have professional looking literature and a business card?

If you can meet all of these criteria and more, you can easily justify your price. Many people choose a cleaning firm on the basis of what it offers, not on what it charges. This desirable market is available to any company that can demonstrate professionalism.

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