Friday, April 24, 2020


Not every prospect you meet with is going to agree with everything you say. Some people are naturally argumentative or just skeptics.

The first step to overcoming objections is to listen to them. This may sound obvious, but many people do not do this simple action. They may formulate a response before hearing the prospect’s question in its entirety and therefore their answer may not be correct. If they interrupt the prospect with their response, then this is rude. A quick response is often self defeating.

When you listen carefully and completely, you will find out what the prospect is thinking. Also, it will show them that you are interested in what they have to say and value their input.

After you have listened to their question, pause for a moment before you answer. If you do not completely understand their objection, then rephrase it in your own words and ask if this is what they mean. This shows you intend to answer the objection and gives you more time to formulate a response.

Your tone of voice, attitude and facial expressions are very important when overcoming objections. Smile when you hear an objection and always maintain a positive attitude. This shows you are confident and will keep you in control of the situation.

Overcoming objections successfully will lead to more sales.

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