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It has been said that leaders are not made but they are born. Is that true?

Many people are born into circumstances that may not be conducive to being a leader. However, those people overcome their circumstances and learn to be a leader. Others are just the opposite; they are born into “perfect” circumstances and fail to live up to their potential.

Attaining leadership can be achieved in many types of opportunities both big and small. So, how does one learn to be a leader? To some, it is as easy as having a role model who is a leader and they learn by watching them. To others, it is a mentor who teaches them to become a leader. Yet others are self taught; they attend particular schools or seminars and or workshops, etc. that deal with learning to become a leader. Their drive is their motivating factor.

Once someone has become a leader, they should always strive to continue to learn so that they will continue to grow as a leader. They will face situations that challenge their leadership; the way they handle those situations will define their level of leadership.

Leaders have certain attributes that make them great leaders. Some of these attributes are inherent and others are self taught. A few of them are:

They always appear positive and informed.
They know what they are talking about, not in an arrogant way but because they took the time to learn.
In Control:
They know how to avoid and if necessary manage conflicts.
They state their case and do not second guess themselves.

These once again are but a few. The people they lead depend on them to continue to grow, learn, develop and to be their leader.

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