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The Blog of March 26, 2021 discussed The Family Business as a blessing or a curse. It explored the good, bad and ugly of such an enterprise.

At some point in time, The Family Business may become too large to be operated by just family members. At that time, it will become necessary to expand the business beyond family members or the business will stagnate and not continue to grow.

To paraphrase a statement made in the March 26th Blog, treat your employees like family and your family like employees. If this can be accomplished, a business will be well on the road to continued growth and additional success.

However, many people express the common feeling “they don’t want the hassle of having employees”. But having employees doesn’t have to be a hassle; in fact, it can be a pleasure. Employees can become just like family...the “business family”. This family can become as large as desired.

When interviewing and ultimately hiring these new “family” members, it will be necessary to hire people who will blend in and complement the existing family members.

In fact, some of the new “family” members may take over duties and responsibilities of the existing family members. This will allow those members to take on additional or new responsibilities. Ultimately leading to the business having continued expansion and success.

The Family Business can be a blessing or a curse. If the founding Family Members treat the new Family Members as a blessing. then it will not become a curse.

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