Friday, January 28, 2022


Do you work for someone who frustrates you? Instead of telling you what to do or what they want directly, they beat around the bush or worse yet give you no ideas or path.

If you act on your own and it turns out the way they wanted then all is good. If not then they criticize you and say you should not have gone on without their input.

Some managers have assorted reasons for not directly delegating responsibility to others. They may think the person is not ready. They may fear, if the person is successful it may erode their own position in the company. Many managers live their careers cautiously, they avoid risks and hold tightly the strings of authority.

If you are frustrated with your manager, politely let them know that you would appreciate more input on what they want from you. Let them know that you are more than capable of being responsible for the task they want accomplished. Assure them if you have any questions or require their further advice or instruction you will ask for it.

These simple tactics will not only avoid frustration for yourself but more than likely for them.

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