Friday, November 18, 2022

Every Time The Phone Rings – The Boss is Calling

Veterans Day

It’s through the telephone that most of your customers receive their first impression of your company! A smile is contagious, and a smile can be transmitted hundreds of miles through the telephone.

Greet your customers with a smile in your voice, and you can be certain that you are making a good first impression.

Be sincere when you are talking with customers. Confidence in your products and services is conveyed to your customer through your sincerity.

Be polite! Don’t forget simple phrases such as, “How may I help you?” “Is there anything else I can do to help you today?” and “Thank you for your order.”

Avoid saying “no.” If asked by a customer to do something about which you are unsure, let him or her how that you will certainly try! This is a positive approach, and it reassures the customer of your desire to help.

Remember, the customer is your boss! He or she may not sign your pay check, but without the customer, you wouldn’t have a pay check.

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