Friday, December 09, 2022

Reaching Your Destination

Do you know where you are going and how you intend to get there? It’s called goal setting. If you decide to “go along for the ride” and let someone else set your goals, you might have a problem. Be sure you have confidence in the people who chart your course.

How much confidence would you have in the pilot of an airplane if he came on the PA system and announced, “Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen! this is your captain speaking. We’ll be flying at 34,000 feet on our trip to Hawaii. I’ve got a pretty good idea where it is and I’ll head in that general direction as soon as we get off the ground.” There would, no doubt, be a mad rush to get off the plane.

Yet many people entrust their future to “pilots” who have no sense of direction. Some do not even have a destination in mind when they “take off.” Other people change “pilots” from time to time and wonder why they never arrive anywhere. Trust your future to guidance from advisors who know where they are going!

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