Friday, January 13, 2023


The saying goes that Age is just a number. Age has also always been used to describe a period of Time. Among them The Prehistoric Age, The Bronze Age, The Middle Ages, The Space Age and The Computer Age. These and others were considered great periods of human history. They reflected a leap by mankind that allowed us to benefit from new discoveries and advancement.

As individuals, we experience stages of life: infants, children, teenagers, young adults, middle age and then finally old age. Along the way, life presents many challenges and tests.

Some of these are handled by others for us because we lack the ability to deal with them.

By the time we become young adults, we should be meeting these challenges and tests on our own. The prevailing school of thought is as we mature into middle age, we should be at our most productive and consequential time of life. This period of time precludes the eventuality of old age. Once we enter old age, the specter of being over the hill, past our prime and many other cliches enters our lives.

However, is that reality? Some say yes but many more say no. Most of those that say yes have not reached that age, so therefore are looking at age as only a number. Those that say no are still engaged in everyday life as business men and women, educators and a myriad of professions that do not discriminate because we have reached old age.

Remember age is just a number; do not allow it to define or control your life.

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