Friday, May 19, 2023


Attitude sign

Having an attitude conjures up different thoughts. So if someone is said to have an attitude, is that good or bad?

On the negative or bad side, “having an attitude” usually means someone is being disrespectful, argumentative or arrogant. Did that person not get their way? Are they acting out because they don’t like the person or persons they are talking to or working with? Perhaps they are bored with their job? Or are they just generally in a bad mood? In the work place, “having an attitude” will affect someone’s job performance and their interaction with other employees and or supervisors.

Looking at the positive or good side of “having an attitude” indicates that someone is usually easy to get a long with, they respect others and are open to new ideas or philosophies. This person makes those around them feel better and subsequently will improve others’ attitude.

The winners in years to come will project and adopt a good attitude. This attitude will help them to be successful and to be leaders.

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