Friday, October 20, 2023


Cut your price

Every city of any size has several television news shows, radio stations and other media outlets that claim to be number one. Many companies resort to similar tactics in their advertising. Airlines tout First Class passage, but all classes arrive at their destination at the same time; first class just costs a lot more, and the service is far from first class. A first class passenger stands in line, watches at the carousel so someone doesn’t steal their luggage, and endures the searches, indignities, inevitable waiting and cancellations that go with modern air travel.

Restaurants print fancy menus, charge high prices and claim to be first class or five star places to dine. Even though there are many expensive restaurants, there are not many that are really first class.

Arrogant maĆ®tre d’s, indifferent wait staff and self-absorbed chefs who do not follow instructions are commonplace. The meaning of first class has been so diluted by advertising hyperbole that the elevated expectations of the consumer are difficult and nearly impossible to meet.

Probably the oldest and best advice in the world about how to succeed in business is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Unfortunately, too many people have developed a callous attitude and paraphrase the original biblical success formula with, “Do unto others before they do it to you.” In our carpet, upholstery and hard surface floor cleaning business, we strive every day to be as first class as possible and diligently strive to achieve five star reviews without pounding our chests and proclaiming to be the greatest, the best or whatever. We’ll never be perfect, but we will keep striving for perfection. We’ll never satisfy all customers, but we will continue trying and strive to give them the best service we are capable of delivering. We want our customers to leave reviews on various social media platforms declaring that they proclaim we are worthy and have achieved a Five Star Rating.

It’s up to them to declare us First Class and therefore deserve a Five Star Rating.

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