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In spite of what the “experts” say, the economy is still at a fragile state. Interest rates are high; prices for the majority of staples, housing and energy have not reduced even after approaching 4 years since the outbreak of Covid. Chances are they won’t.

Most Companies are discouraged in attempts to hire new employees. Comments we hear “Doesn’t anyone want to work anymore? Where is all the unemployment we hear about?" These are common laments among people in the cleaning and other small businesses. Part of the problem is that many of the incentives to work (I need money) have been negated by Governmental programs that basically provide people with enough money that they don’t have to work to maintain a basic existence.


While hiring is never a slam dunk event, in times like this it invites more care and due diligence. Drug tests and credit checks for potential hires can be done; however, there are Federal and State laws that control what can and cannot be done. If you go this route, be sure you are within the law. Having an attorney drawing up the documents is the prudent course of action. A simple check you can do is have your Insurance Agent run the applicant’s Driver’s License through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If their license is either suspended or has been suspended, they are obviously not a competent driver and should not be driving a service vehicle.


People have always been cautious of whom they let in their homes but there seems to be more issues with burglaries, home invasions and the like. Maybe it’s the economy? To assuage your customer’s possible trepidations, your truck should be lettered. Employees should have some type of uniform shirt and identification. Industry related patches and name tags are ideal additions to a uniform shirt. These will not only add to your creditability but they inspire consumer confidence.

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