Friday, May 18, 2012

History lesson (Do Communists hate Capitalists and vice versa?)

After the "War to end all wars" ended in 1919, the American money trust that helped finance the 1917 Communist revolution in Russia, and the Rockefeller family in particular, called in their markers. Standard Oil of New Jersey was granted rights to oil fields in Russia and Standard Oil of New York built refineries there. Chase bank, with a branch at 1 Karl Marx Square in Moscow, was instrumental in founding the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Until World War II, Standard Oil did a land-office business supplying oil to Europe. As recently as the 1970s, the Rockefeller's bank financed a truck factory in Russia's war on Afghanistan.* In fact, American money interests financed rubber and aluminum plants in Russia and helped sell Soviet bonds in the United States. This is the same Russia that provided weapons for the North Vietnamese and earlier for North Koreans.

And if you think that's strange, old John D. Rockefeller, a staunch capitalist, is quoted as saying, "Competition is a sin." In fact, all of the old "Princes of Free Enterprise" were monopolists and were enthralled by Communism. A Communist government is a pure monopoly and has total power over politics, the economy, education and the media. Socialism is a close relative of Communism and is very well-liked by the money folks.

As Casey Stengal, the famous old baseball manager, would say, "You can look it up!"

*The Russians gave up on Afghanistan after eleven years. Remember the "Charge of the light brigade?" The British learned earlier about this sink-hole of assets and humanity. We've been there ten years and haven't converted them. Will we never study history?

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