Monday, December 30, 2013

Clene Times change

For more than 40 years we used the Cleaning Digest, Clene Times and brochures to advertise Bane-Clene Systems and our other products via direct mail. The upward price spiral of paper, ink and postage along with constantly changing postal regulations has made the current format of the Clene Times impractical to use.

For the last five years we have published an electronic version of Clene Times on our web site on the internet. All reader comments have been positive so far and have encouraged us to use the web site. The next issue will be printed and mailed as usual but future issues will only be available on our web site.

Note: The EDD (Every Door Direct) mail service offered by the post office is suggested to Bane-Clene Operators in the USA as the best and least expensive way to target specific residential and commercial markets for cleaning prospects.