Friday, February 19, 2016

Proper pH Cleaning

Whether we're talking about cleaning carpet, upholstery, hard surfaces or even trucks, all other things being equal, the higher the pH (potential of hydrogen) the better the cleaning.
Alkaline detergents more readily neutralize soils, which are usually acidic, and also more readily saponify cooking grease and cooking oils. Saponification is the chemical reaction of fatty materials with alkaline materials to form soap and glycerin.
Certain stain-resist nylon cannot be cleaned at a pH above 10. Some carpet fibers require a neutral pH.
Oriental Rugs or wool carpeting should not be cleaned at a high pH.
Upholstery that is wet cleanable should also not be cleaned at a high pH. This will avoid browning and or dye bleeding.
A quick review of pH:
  • 7.0 is neutral
  • Above 7 is alkaline
  • Below 7 is acidic.
Our service technicians follow a simple rule. If you do not know that exact fiber content of what you are cleaning. Then test the fabric in a inconspicuous place.
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