Friday, February 12, 2016

Treating Carpets for Ice Melt "stains".

Winter time is obviously upon us. Copious amounts of Ice Melt or other ice melting products are being used.

When tracked in they either leave a white sticky residue or can turn a carpet yellow.

These problems can be easily resolved. Use a applicator or brush to apply a solution of Booster™.

Proper dilution ratio is one (1) part Brown Out® to two (2) parts water. Leave on the area to be treated for at least 15 minutes or until the stain has disappeared. Flush with water using one (1) wet and two (2) dry strokes with the cleaning head. It is important to thoroughly remove all the Brown Out®.

Repeat the process if necessary. You may apply the properly diluted product with a pressure sprayer. Do not allow the spray to come in contact with any object other that the carpet. Do NOT apply through your Carpet Cleaning Machine. If you use a sprayer thoroughly rinse your sprayer after use.

After you are done clean the carpet using PCA™ and Booster®. Retreat the carpet with a mixture of one (1) part Brown Out® to four (4) parts of water. Apply Sta-Clene® and "fast" dry the carpet using a Air-Mover.

See the latest issue of The Clene-Times®.

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