Friday, May 06, 2016


Fleas, dust mites and bed bugs are a frequent problem. How can we remove them and can we apply insecticides to help?

In some states, unless you are a licensed applicator, you cannot legally apply insecticides. However, we do know that hot water extraction (HWE) cleaning will physically remove all loose objects from carpeting, which would include bugs and their offspring.

Prior to a thorough cleaning, any old animal bedding or contaminated articles of clothing, etc. should be removed and destroyed.

After cleaning, spray with Steri-Fab® all contaminated areas. Besides the carpeting, furniture, mattresses that have been cleaned. Also, spray sleeping quarters of animals, floor areas, around baseboards, windows, doors, etc. Be sure to spray all possible areas where fleas, mites and bed bugs may have thrived. Surfaces and objects should remain wet for ten (10) minutes after application.

See the latest issue of The Clene-Times.

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