Friday, May 27, 2016


The purpose of carpet protectors is just what the name implies. They are designed to protect the carpet against soil, stains, wicking and/or static electricity.

Sta-Clene® is excellent at protecting carpeting and upholstery from both soil and stains. It is non-dilutable, so therefore will not spoil.

Fluorinated protectors such as Teflon® Advanced and Bane-Guard® are dilutable. They change the surface energy of fibers and provide soil resistance as their primary function. Additionally, they help fibers resist both water-based and oil-based spots and stains.

Applying protectors allows your customer to enjoy a cleaner carpet for a longer period of time. This improves customer satisfaction and encourages customer loyalty.

From a technician's viewpoint, applying carpet protector makes it easier to clean the carpeting when they return and any spots and or stains are more easily removed.

Carpet protectors are a plus sale item and adds profits to your company.

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