Friday, June 03, 2016

It's Not a 100 Yard Dash

A carpet cleaning business succeeds or fails because of its total productivity. Not how fast or speedy the job is done. In business, productivity is the sum total of all the efforts performed in the operation of the business. Certainly choosing the right equipment is very important, but "speed" is only a very small factor in total productivity. What about the cost of operating the equipment? What about ease of operation and costs of repairs and downtime?

A carpet cleaning business must be efficient in all areas of its operation. Besides the aforementioned effects of having the right equipment, effective and lowest cost use solution chemicals will enhance the productivity. Properly designed and placed advertising must be put in to use. Knowledgeable personnel must be trained to take calls and book appointments. Technicians should be schooled on proper techniques, chemical usage and application, customer relations and equipment usage. Sound business practices should be adhered to when selecting accountants, attorneys, insurance advisors and other professionals. Keeping accurate internal records and budget management is also very important.

In essence, a company is successful because all of its components work efficiently together. How fast the job was done is almost an invisible factor.

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The Bane-Clene® Team