Friday, June 24, 2016

May I Serve You

People hire us to use our skills to give them what they want and expect for a price. It's common to refer to carpet cleaning as a "service business". Mainly, because we don't sell a product. Are we really, however, simply selling performance? We must provide the best total performance time and again to succeed. But it's the personal service that allows us to grow and be respected. What are your reps telling customers? Make sure they are not playing policeman with too many rules that have been installed.

Business must start solving customers' wants and problems. Keep in mind three simple rules:

Rule 1: We want to do business (clean their carpet).

Rule 2: We solve people's needs by using our minds and by utilizing our products and skills.

Rule 3: We like our customers and want to go beyond the norm for them.

Are you in the Carpet Cleaning business? No, you are not. You are in the People business and that means creative and helpful solutions in exchange for their business.

Thank you for reading Bane's Blog®.

The Bane-Clene® Team