Friday, August 12, 2016

How Busy Are You!

When you spend the first fifteen minutes of a service call telling your customer how busy you are and why you are late, they will begin to doubt your abilities especially in time management.

Many customers who are of the gentle persuasion and who are guided by extremely good manners will tolerate these long winded explanations. They may even listen to the blow-by-blow account of your personal or family problems. You express views and opinions on politics, world events or religion as they are helplessly trapped. People who work in the service industry often find themselves with a captive audience. You are a "guest" - do not talk too much or you may not ever be a guest again.

Successful people don't have time to talk about how busy they are and never have to explain why they are late because they are not late in the first place.

If your company is not getting a reasonable amount of repeat and referral business, it may because you or your technicians talk too much and discuss non appropriate topics. If customers don't like what was said or discussed, they will go elsewhere.

The best policy at your customers premises is talk centered on what you will do and the other services that you offer.

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