Friday, August 05, 2016

No Excuses!

Perhaps you have said this while trying to "dodge a bullet". "The truck broke down", is an often used excuse in the service industry. Or how does this one sound, "He was new on the job and didn't know about that". While the second one may seem like it worked, deep down nobody wants to feel like they are being serviced by new or inexperienced technicians.

Customers do not want to hear excuses. They want to hear what you intend to do about their problem. You need to say something positive and affirmative or you may never get another opportunity to work for that customer again.

An apology is always in order, whether the problem was yours or was one by a member of your staff. Even if you feel as though it was not your Company's fault. The person answering your incoming calls should be adept at handling problems. Since they are the person initially involved. If it is something beyond their scope, then have them take a message and say the Owner or My Manager will call you back.

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