Friday, July 29, 2016


Introducing a customer to other services and products that you offer is not the same as pressure selling. In fact, it is a service to busy people who may not have had the time to investigate or inquire about all the facets of your business.

Customers may not know that Sta-Clene®, Bane-Guard™ or Teflon® carpet protectors can be applied to their carpeting. Or, that you can clean furniture or area rugs during the same service trip. Sometimes, offering deodorizer can be tricky, they may have become immune to the odor. Having Advertising Material that explains this and additional applications makes it easier to approach them.

Never be pushy! Practice the art of bringing a conversation around to discussing these and other "plus sales" items. But, introduce the customer only to those services that they truly need. Don't try to "sell the store" simply because your customer is receptive. After you leave, they may feel they were oversold and this could affect future jobs.

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