Friday, July 22, 2016


Everyone will encounter an unhappy customer; how you handle them is extremely important to the success of your company. Here are some points to remember.

  1. Thank the customer for telling you their problem. Most people will just call another carpet cleaner if you are not receptive to their complaint.
  2. Remain Calm! This is so important but sometimes not easy to do. If you have a customer that won't calm down, you must know that losing your temper will not resolve anything.
  3. Listen intently to what they say. Try to see the situation from their point of view. Don't interrupt. Treat your customer with respect, no matter how insignificant their problem may seem to you.
  4. When the customer is done, confirm that you understand. Ask what you can do to keep their business. Give assurances that you will make amends. Offer a refund immediately if that will satisfy them.
  5. Treat your customers with respect and dignity in the face of a complaint. Even if you can't resolve the situation, you will have the knowledge that you did all you could to resolve the situation.

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