Friday, January 20, 2017


Growth of a company will not occur without a principal's ability to delegate work and decisions. In the beginning, an owner/operator has to delegate contact with customers to new technicians. Thus begins the process of growing and delegating. Principals must be specific in whom they delegate to and in turn does that person have the authority to re-delegate. That authority is usually given to managers. When you talk to your manager, be sure you are specific in the instructions you give. Especially, if only a certain person or persons should be given the task or job you are discussing.

Many people have trouble delegating. Make sure the manager you hire has that ability. While a manager may be given broad authority to delegate, we feel that certain duties should be handled only by owners and/or principals. These may include but are not limited to handling the company's finances, hiring or firing, policy making decisions and solving major problems. That doesn't mean that you should not seek their input, but once again, we feel only the owner, principal partner, an officer or top echelon employee should handle matters in these areas.

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