Friday, February 10, 2017

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

February 4th, 2017, marked our 55th anniversary. People regularly ask us if this is a good time to start a business? While there may never be a perfect time, there also may never be a bad time. However to avoid the bad time and strive for the perfect time, you must identify and reach the market that has the money and need to buy your service.

What is the best way to reach that market and who is your major demographic? Yellow pages, direct mail, radio, television, magazines, newspapers and of course the Internet are all possible ways to reach your market. As far as the residential market goes, the majority of our customers will be home owners with disposable income. Commercially there is a wide range of potential customers. Hotels, motels and restaurants usually are looking for the lowest price. Professional offices are willing to pay for a high quality service. Many industrial customers may be cleaned through a sub-contract agreement with a Building Service Contractor or direct contact with the In-House Manager.

To enhance our market potential Carpet and Fiber manufacturers are stressing the importance of carpet maintenance. In fact, most warranties are tied to regular professional cleaning. Interest in indoor air quality continues to promote the idea that professional cleaning is a necessity for an improved indoor environment.

Your business can be successful if you do your homework and prepare properly. We can help in that preparation. We have the literature, video presentations and of course our management school at Bane-Clene Institute all geared toward your success. All those tools can also be an advantage for those that already have started their business.

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