Friday, February 24, 2017

Accounts Receivable Management and Collection Calls

Managing accounts receivable is an important aspect of operating your business. As reported in The Cleaning Digest®, the older the debts the harder they are to collect.

But don't be too hasty in turning slow paying accounts over for collection. You unfortunately are probably going to lose a customer, however if you wait too long you may never collect the debt.

If a customer does not pay within your normal terms then you should make collection calls. This is an unpleasant but necessary task. A tactful way to broach the subject is to say "I'm calling to inquire about the status of our invoice". Don't say any more until your customer has a chance to respond. If they say "the check is in the mail", then ask when the check was mailed and the check number. If they say "it will be sent soon", then inquire when it will be mailed. If they say they lost the invoice then offer to send another immediately.

Once again this is an unpleasant function of business. Many times when someone owes you money, they will try to put you on the defensive. Do not lose your cool and always remain professional. Even though you had to make a collection call, it does not necessarily mean you will lose a customer.

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