Friday, March 03, 2017

Marketing Deserves Your Respect And Attention

A previous survey of top executives of small companies ranked marketing as the most important of all business priorities. Strangely enough those same executives, in another portion of the survey, revealed that marketing was in fourth place when it came to the time they devote to each category of business.

Marketing in the service business is a precise art. Too often the marketing program of a carpet cleaning company is left to the devices of an advertising salesperson. While the input from that person should be considered, it should not be the only input you receive. High priority and attention must be paid to an advertising and marketing plan.

Marketing, Advertising and Selling, to some people, have essentially the same meaning. Not true!

Marketing is selecting the particular recipients of your promotional material and message.

Advertising is the act of delivering that material and message with an emphasis to call you.

Selling is what you do when a prospect calls you.

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