Friday, March 17, 2017

The Bold Get Rewards

A man was feeding a flock of ducks on a creek bank. There were well over 100 of them waiting to be fed.

The man poured a couple of small piles of corn near the waters’ edge. He then poured a couple of larger piles further away from the waters’ edge. The ducks got excited and quacked and swam back and forth but did not come ashore. He stood there observing and the ducks continued to make noise. After a while, a few bold ducks came ashore and picked at the corn at the edge of the water.

After that was gone, those same ducks moved to the main piles of corn and ate most of it. Meanwhile, the majority of the ducks stayed in the water and continued to make a lot of noise. Eventually, they came ashore and picked at the what was left.

The moral is simple, those that are bold and move forward will get the majority of the rewards. Those that wait and just make noise until the coast is clear get what’s left, which won’t be much.

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