Friday, March 31, 2017

Clean Carpet Dries Faster

Early on in the days of promoting HWE or “steam” cleaning as it was known then, we published an article entitled “Cleaning Carpet Is Like Washing Your Hair”.

We were drawing the correlation between “shampooing” your hair and not rinsing it thoroughly and cleaning carpeting or rugs with methods that left a large amount of residue behind. Simply put, if you do not rinse the majority of the reside from carpeting, it will re-soil more rapidly.

Bane-Clene® has done extensive research and development in reducing the amount of residue left in a carpet after cleaning. Our chemical line is specially formulated and manufactured with that premise in mind. The mechanical function of The Bane-Clene® Systems are designed to use as little as water as necessary. Total chemical content of each gallon of water used is less that one-half ounce. The overall result is less residual matter and a carpet or rug that will stay clean longer and perform better in the areas of resiliency and aesthetic appearance when proper guidelines are followed.

Just as clean and thoroughly rinsed hair dries faster and stays cleaner longer. Then the less detergent used in the carpet cleaning process and the more completely the water is removed, the better the job will be. Clean carpet will dry faster, look better, last longer and will bounce back when compressed.

Bane-Clene® has the system to accomplish all of this!

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