Friday, April 07, 2017

Grit is Hard on Floors and Carpeting

Hard surface floors become dingy and dull from the scratches inflicted by shoes and grit. These floors need to be cleaned often to protect them from damage and to keep them looking good. The cost of maintaining them is usually higher than carpeting and potentially labor intensive.

Since dirt and grit can hide in a carpet, some people like to state that cleaning is not required like a hardwood floor. While true carpets should still be professionally cleaned at least once a year and vacuumed frequently. If traffic patterns require it, then daily vacuuming and more frequent cleaning is better for the life of the carpet. When grit and sand "scratch" carpet fibers, that causes the light to refract differently. The result is a "dull" appearance.

When that occurs, consumers go back to the retailers and complain. They claim the carpet is hardly used, has been down several years and looks terrible. If properly questioned, they will probably admit to infrequent vacuuming and the fact that it has never been professionally cleaned.

Both the carpet industry and we the carpet cleaners must continue to educate the public that grit does harm carpets. Regular vacuuming and proper professional cleaning cycles will help the consumer maintain the beauty of their carpets. This will give them a longer life and improve the public's opinion of carpeting and lessen complaints and claims against Mills and Retailers.

The other upside of this is more work for our industry.

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