Friday, April 21, 2017

Cleaning Demo Proves Safety of System

We often are asked, “is the Bane-Clene® System safe and effective on all carpets?” If we are not able to show them in person, then we share this information with them.

Our service division has often rented booth space and displayed our System at Flower & Patio Shows, Home Shows and similar shows. The obvious purpose was to be able to demonstrate our service to a live audience.

At one such show, we exhibited a truck-mounted unit and performed a marathon type of demonstration. We poured different types of stain-causing foods, liquids and particulate matter on to a piece of carpeting.

When we turned on the equipment (inside the exhibit hall), a crowd would immediately gather. We would make a few passes over the soiled carpet to remove the mess. We would then answer any questions and pass out literature.

Over the 10 day run of the show, these were the statistics:

  • 12 demos per hour
  • 108 demos per day
  • 1080 demos during the show
  • Over 4000 passes (wet and dry) over the carpet

While using the same piece of carpeting, we were able to show that there was no wear or delamination of the carpet. Besides showing the effectiveness of the Bane-Clene® System, we were also able to demonstrate how safe and gentle it is on fibers.

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