Friday, April 14, 2017

About Product Safety

Periodically, there will be an article in the news about damage caused by a Carpet Cleaner. Whether it be an accident, equipment malfunction or "ruined" carpeting, it can cause the public to be concerned about our industry.

The overwhelming majority of the work accomplished by our industry is done safely and without incident. Most of the accidents that occurred have been a result of carelessness or not following instructions. However, when you compare the handful of unfortunate accidents or problems to the economics of the industry, it is quite apparent that these incidents are proportionately small.

Billions of dollars circulate each year due to cleaning and related products and functions. Millions of gallons and pounds of cleaning chemicals are used without incident by thousands of cleaners. The results are cleaner carpets and a healthier environment for all of us.

A true professional always follows all the instructions on product labels. They maintain their equipment so that it is operating at top efficiency. They pride themselves on their techniques and customer relations. To that end, it is important to purchase your products and equipment from a Company that adheres to the same principals as you do.

At Bane-Clene®, we continue to work hard to earn your trust, today, tomorrow and as we have for the over 55 years.

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