Friday, May 19, 2017

Show Respect

Whether taking an order for service or answering a complaint, show respect to the caller. Be polite with your responses using "Please" and "Thank You" and other appropriate words and phrases.

In fact, if handled properly, you may be able to turn a complaint into a positive event. Quoting company rules doesn't go over very well with a customer. Everyone knows there are rules. However you want to relay them, if necessary in a calm and polite voice.

Also, using technical jargon when talking to a customer may not be wise. If appropriate or needed, certainly do so. However, most consumers do not wish to become an expert in the cleaning field. Conversely, do not presume the customer is naive about the business. If the customer has had cleaning by another firm, they may ask relevant questions when comparing your firm to others. Be prepared to provide as much detail as warranted.

They may be Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method to others, or your method to a completely different type of cleaning. They may inquire about Carpet Protectors, Deodorizing or Pet Stain Removal. Whatever the question, always be prepared to give professional, practical and if needed technical answers.

Listening is the key to success in customer relations. But, let's say all the potential customer is asking is "how much you charge" and "when can you do it". You may be dealing with a "price shopper". While you want to answer those questions, it is possible to ask some questions of your own that allows you a chance to sell your Company. For example, you certainly want to inquire if you have cleaned for them before. Or do they require a certain day of the week or time of day? This gives you an opportunity to establish a dialogue. If you have been able to establish that dialogue, then you should mention your years in business, trade associations or business groups with which you may maintain memberships. Schools, seminars or other industry education opportunities. All of the aforementioned separate you from your competitors. With that done, you have a chance to turn that "price shopper" into a customer.

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