Friday, June 02, 2017


We occasionally receive calls from Bane-Clene® Systems service customers and also from the owners of Bane-Clene® Equipment. These calls relate to the use of Bane-Clene® chemicals and their possible effects on allergy sufferers. We always will ask the basic chemicals and or compounds they have questions about. In all but a few instances none of our products might cause a problem. One allergist comments that "many people are allergic to something but luckily never come in contact with it". He adds that his patients "are better off with a clean carpet that has all the dust and pollen removed".

However, certain precautions should be followed. Here are some Do's and Do Not's when cleaning in a home where a person with allergies resides:

Do Not: use perfumes, solvents, deodorizers, proteolytic enzymes or residual protectors.

Do Not: spray or mist anything into the air with a sprayer or atomizer.

Do: follow cleaning with a clear water rinse. Advise the customer that the allergic person should avoid contact with the cleaned fibers until thoroughly dry. Increase the ventilation to speed the drying process.

Cleaning with Bane-Clene products removes the sources of allergy problems (which include dust mites, dirt, pollen, pollutants, dander, etc.) for most people who suffer from allergies. Other processes may actually exacerbate the allergy conditions because of the chemical residues and soil they leave behind.

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