Friday, June 16, 2017

To Make Money

Why are you in business? This question has been posed to owners, Presidents and CEO's of all types and sizes of businesses. Many answered "To Make Money".

To many people, that may seem to be the proper response. However, without exception, the most successful companies were the ones in which the response was "to be the best in our industry". To make money means to base all decisions on accumulating cash. This is very shortsighted and usually dooms a company to failure.

To be the best means believing in yourself and in your employees to provide the energy and ideas to be Number One. You strive constantly to make sure everyone and everything about your company is First Class. You make a plan and everyone works hard and takes pride in what they do. They do this in order to make that plan come to fruition.

To be the best means that you do the things necessary to put yourself on top because those are the right things to do. You are confident that they will work because you want them to and you work with purpose.

When you are the best, you will make much more money and enjoy it much more and over a longer period of time. Much more than those who are in business simply "to make money".

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