Friday, May 18, 2018


All of us who own a business strive to be a good boss. We may take courses or read books. Also, we may peruse articles about human relations as they relate to personnel matters.

All of these are valuable tools as long as we don’t forget the most important fact. Being a leader is more than having the right techniques to manage, it is having the right qualities.

What do employees respect most in a leader? They want someone who is honest and sincere. Someone they can trust.

These qualities may be faked for a short time but over the long run employees will know if you truly possess them. If you have the best interests of your employees, it will show in your interaction with them. No leader can create a feeling of trust quickly. It will take time and effort. Nor can you project sincerity like a light switch that be can turned off and on. Owners who are sincere don’t have to talk about it because it becomes apparent to all in their everyday actions. The only way to keep the trust of your employees is to be honest.

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