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In a follow up to our May 18th, 2018 blog, we talk further about being a good boss or leader by managing your employees in the best possible way.

A good manager has the ability to give instructions and have them followed in a correct manner. This is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes the simplest instructions may go awry. Why did this happen? Is it the employee’s fault or the manager’s (boss’)?

Leaders who discover that some of their instructions are not being carried out efficiently should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Were the instructions clear? It may be clear in the mind of the manager; however, did the employee understand it the same way?
  2. Ask your employee to repeat the instructions. Do not accept just a yes response or a nod of their head.
  3. Always encourage your employees to ask questions to help clarify your instructions. Some employees are reluctant to ask questions or ask for a further explanation. This can only lead to problems.
  4. Give your instructions in a pleasant tone of voice. Instructions given as a request instead of a command are usually more effective in being followed correctly.
  5. Follow up your instructions by observing their implementation. Your employee may feel that they are following your instructions correctly. If necessary, repeat or redefine your instructions.
  6. When your instructions are carried out correctly and efficiently, do not hesitate to acknowledge the fact. Praise and appreciation are rightfully accepted for a job well done by your employee. This acknowledgment is a powerful incentive to do this job and others equally well.

The better the manager (boss) in these traits, the more often instructions will be carried out correctly.

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