Friday, June 01, 2018


Everyone likes to be praised and to feel appreciated. Often only the owners or managers receive such adulation. But what about the technicians, office personnel, etc.? Those who get the least praise often enjoy and deserve it the most.

Companies are like a bicycle wheel with the center or hub representing the owner and or managers. But everyone else represent the spokes. If there is a broken or missing spoke, the wheel does not run smoothly; it wobbles. Just like our businesses, if everyone is not part of the company, the company will not run smoothly.

That is why owners and or managers need to be praise givers not grabbers. Whenever they observe one of their employees do something noteworthy, they need to acknowledge it.

You might say “they are suppose to be doing that, it’s part of their job”, while true if you recognize it, they not only appreciate it but will continue to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

The reverse of praise is criticism. Take the time to offer praise and appreciation to your employees. Then if you need to criticize them when they have not done well or neglected their job, then that criticism should be accepted more easily. Praise helps negate the pain and resentment out of criticism that you may have to administer, especially if you do it carefully and in a friendly manner.

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