Friday, June 22, 2018


It is said that thousands of thoughts pass through our minds every day. Most unfortunately are soon forgotten. A few of those we wish we could retain. When those too slip away, we berate ourselves for not being able to remember.

Improving one’s memory is not all that difficult. Most of us simply don’t take the time or effort required. Try these simple self help exercises:

  1. Remember to Remember. Tell yourself that you want to remember this or that fact and concentrating on it will improve your memory immediately. We remember what we want to remember.
  2. Sharpen Your Observation. Pay close attention to what you see and hear. Use images. Listen closely. Shut your eyes and try to see it. Pay attention to details; really look and observe. Few people do.
  3. Practice Recall. Unfortunately, forgetting is most rapid after learning. It helps to make a deliberate effort to repeat and review immediately. Repetition will help fix the fact or image in our minds.
  4. Concentrate. Eliminate distractions and focus. The mind is at its best when it is centered on one thing at a time. Avoid such things as fatigue, noise and other visual images during the time you are trying to learn.

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